Our Mission & Vision


The company has strived to imbibe its employees with the Vision and Mission of the organisation through clear articulation and internal communication. The articulation of the Vision has also brought in sharper focus, greater sensitivity to consumers, and led to clearly defining priorities.

The Company embraces certain core values in order to recognize each individuals contribution and performance in the growth and development of the Company. We treat all employees with respect and dignity. We also motivate and reward suitably for creativity and innovation and performing social responsibility to enrich the quality of life within the community we serve.

Through our acquisitions, the Groups brand portfolio is constructed to cover the entire pro industrial hygiene and maintenance sectors, with one objective to meet the needs of each user.

We will continue to pursue a policy of targeted and strategic acquisitions. Their role is essential in the construction of the Group as they build tomorrow's natural growth, and contribute to the vitality and quality of our portfolio of brands.


  • Our aim is to make Our company Proud by providing highly innovative products, which are better than the competition, which simplify our lives and provide an unmatched customer experience.
  • We continuously strive to provide value to our clients, with integrity and intelligent solutions, thereby establishing a reputation for quality services with high levels of professionalism. Human Relationship, with clients and colleagues, are what drive us.


  • To benefit society at large through innovation, quality, productivity, human development and growth, and to generate sustained surpluses, always striving for excellence, within the framework of law, and with pride in ethical values.
  • A vital, vibrant and value added facilitator in harnessing natural resources on a sustainable mode with a conscious effort to achieve organisational goals continuously.
  • We aim to be recognised as a model organisation in our field of activities.